Vintage Health Resources Inc

Lea Tablante, RN

July 2016 – 2019

Vintage Health Resources (“VHR”) is an extremely organized and professional recruitment agency that is loyal in fulfilling their promises to every Filipino nurse, whose trust were completely given to them, from filing and processing of papers, up to the placement to our assigned jobs.  They are strong, solid and stable company that withstood even during repeated retrogressions for nurses in the United States.

The people behind VHR will make every nurse become brave enough in facing the transition of living life in America.     I personally felt the welcoming, unbiased, and non-discrimination traits of VHR people and their full understanding of Filipino nurses.  They provided me all the financial, emotional, psychological, social and most especially the spiritual aspects that I needed during the first time I landed to this promising place for nurses.

If I was given again the opportunity to look and find a recruitment agency back in the Philippines, who will bring me here to the United States, without hesitation, I will definitely still chose Vintage Health Resources!  They are the best!

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