Vintage Health Resources Inc

Gizelle Ferry, RN

October 2019 – Present

A few years ago, I dreamed of being here in the U.S. together with my family and working in a nice hospital as a nurse. Now I’m here, thanks to Vintage Health Resources! They really did an excellent job placing me because the hospital is really a great place to work at where everybody’s just so supportive. I have always felt so blessed being with VHR. Vintage Health Resources isn’t just my employer – they are my family here in the U.S., and they can be yours too. They helped me every step of the way from the moment I got here. They helped with licensing, finding this job, getting a car (they even taught me how to drive!?), and finding a house. Being in a new place for the first time and away from my family was really challenging, but they definitely made it easier for me to survive during this transition. They will help you with everything and they will be there to support you, I can assure you of that. I even got my family to the U.S. after five months! To all VHR staff, I want to send you my sincerest gratitude. May you continue to help other people reach their dreams. And for those of you who have an American Dream, go for it! Let Vintage Health Resources be your partner in pursuing this dream, because they will not just be your employer, they will be your family.

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