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Arienne Pandi, RN recognized as Nursing Employee of the Month

Arienne Pandi, RN was recently recognized as the Nursing Employee of the Month for her excellent work ethic and selflessness on the job. Her patients and co-workers stated that she would spend any and all of her down time helping others and that they would have been “lost without her.” Congratulations on this great honor, Arienne! Your Vintage family is extremely proud of you.

A Message of Encouragement during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vintage wants to thank all of our employees during this unprecedented time for their hard work and dedication to saving lives.

We know that this is a scary time for all health care workers, but we want our employees to know that we appreciate their hard work and sacrifice. Rest assured that Vintage will do everything it can to help our employees on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember — you are part of the VHR Family and we love our family! Please stay safe and refer to the guidelines for Healthcare Professionals provided by the CDC:

VHR in Washington, D.C.

Melanie Beckham traveled to Washington D.C. in February 2019 and is pictured with TN Congressman David Kustoff.

She and others in the industry discussed pending legislation with multiple members of Congress ensure that any legislation passed does not have a negative impact on the availability of visas for healthcare workers.

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