Vintage Health Resources Inc

Stefanie Delda, RN

May 2018 – Present

VHR’s staff will treat you as family always.  They have your best interests in mind and it is proven for 25 years that they will never leave you until everything is ready and you are settled.  I will be forever grateful for these people and I am hoping that they will help a lot of Filipino nurses to realize their American dream in the very same way as they did for me.  No regrets, just all gratitude!

John Sevilla, RN

January 2018 – Present

Thanks so much to VHR for your relentless guidance and support!  You made it all possible.  You are such a blessing to me and my family.  You are more than efficient, you’re effective.  Hopefully, I may able to give back and return the favor to VHR the soonest possible.  May you continue to be a blessing for others!

Connie Bautista, RN

August 2015-2018

I was but a child when I dreamt of coming to America. Never had I imagined that dream to come true. I applied as a nurse for Vintage Health Resources., and I finally achieved my dream; all thanks to Vintage Health Resources.

Lea Tablante, RN

July 2016-Present

Vintage Health Resources (“VHR”) is an extremely organized and professional recruitment agency that is loyal in fulfilling their promises to every Filipino nurse, whose trust were completely given to them, from filing and processing of papers, up to the placement to our assigned jobs.  They are strong, solid and stable company that withstood even during repeated retrogressions for nurses in the United States.

Jessica A. Teves, RN


My 3 year contract with VHR….completed!

Ask me why? I can give you tons of reasons. VHR was founded on the belief and respect in Filipino nurses. The quality, TLC and devotion we give to our patients are just a few attributes we possess. The same caliber of service the company has given me from the time I was hired in ABBA up to my employment in one of the biggest hospitals in South Carolina.

Aura Santos


Vintage Health Resources (“VHR”) was the key in achieving my American dream into a reality.  They have been very supportive since day 1, even now that I have finished my contract.

Lem Pagtaconan


I feel fortunate that Vintage Health Resources (VHR) has afforded me the opportunity to practice my nursing profession.   It has been almost five years since I set foot here in the US and VHR has been a big blessing to me and my family.  

Aija Libao


I will always be grateful to Vintage Health Resources (“VHR”) for helping me realize the dream to come to the United States to work as an RN. After several attempts with other agencies, VHR made it happen. My three-year contract with VHR flew by.  

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