Vintage Health Resources Inc

Vintage Health Provides Comprehensive Registered Nurse Staffing & Recruiting

Vintage Health Company Profile

Vintage Health has been helping hospitals and extended care facilities meet their staffing needs for over 25 years now.  What began in 1991 as an effort to help hospitals in the Mississippi Delta with the shortage of registered nurses has evolved through the years.

Vintage Health has placed registered nurses, physical therapists and medical technologists in many states throughout the U.S.  Our medical professionals come to us with vast work experience in hospitals all over the world, giving them a strong background and understanding of appropriate bedside care.

Vintage Health Has Placed Over 1,000 Experienced Registered Nurses

Since 1991 we have assisted over 1,000 experienced registered nurses from the Philippines realize their American Dream, while providing hospitals with highly qualified foreign trained medical professionals. Vintage Health puts its clients’ needs at the forefront and ensures that our clients are assigned nurses that meet their needs.

Integrated Workforce Management and Support

We handle all immigration paperwork, licensure certification and insurance for our nurses. We offer continued support to our employees and ensure that the clients’ needs are being met throughout the term of the assignment. Vintage Health is headquartered in Germantown, Tennessee with a regional office in Oxford, Mississippi.

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