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Vintage Health’s History

Vintage Health Registered Nurse Staffing Office
Tom Nichols and Bob Zimmerman began working with Filipino nurses in the Middle East. They founded Vintage Health Resources, Inc. in 1991 with the sole purpose of providing rural American hospitals with nurses from the Philippines to help these hospitals overcome staffing problems.

They were able to use contacts they made while working in the Middle East to develop a network of international recruiters who provide us with high quality candidates that we assist in immigrating and acclimating to the United States.

Professional Registered Nurse Staffing Since 1992

Vintage Health brought in its first 6 nurses in 1992 and continued to grow, reaching a peak of 223 nurses and other medical professionals in 2006. Although Vintage Health has place radiological technologists, medical technologists and physical therapists on occasion through the years, its primary focus has always been on registered nurses. Vintage Health typically places its nurses in hospitals, but has occasionally placed nurses in long term care facilities.

Experienced Management Team

Vintage Health’s management team has in excess of 100 years’ experience in international health care and related operations. Their experience covers a broad spectrum in health care from hospital management and recruiting to turnkey hospital equipment and supply contracts. They have contacts and personal relationships on a worldwide basis and have “hands-on” experience in working with over 30 different nationalities in providing quality health care at “state of the art” health care facilities throughout the world.

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